The Nelson Family | 10-Year Anniversary Session (With MUD!!) | West Chester Pennsylvania Wedding and Family Photographer

Last week, I met up with the Nelson Family to help them celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, their wedding photographer never delivered their finished wedding gallery.  So, they decided to celebrate this milestone anniversary by dressing up and recreating some of their wedding day portraits.  This time around, however, their wedding party included their two amazing little boys!

We started off with some formal portraits in the church where they exchanged their wedding vows, and finished at the beautiful Oakbourne Mansion.  Mother Nature threw a wrench in our plans, however, and it poured during their entire photoshoot.  We exchanged a few texts and phone calls earlier in the day about whether or not we should cancel, but the Nelsons assured me they were up for anything and didn't mind the rain one bit.  As you will soon see in the photos, they weren't kidding!!  This is hands down one of my favorite photo sessions ever.

This photoshoot with the Nelson Family reminded me of a few important things.  First, a little rain (or a lot of rain) is only a problem if you allow it to be a problem.  The best thing to do when a hurdle suddenly appears in your path is to problem solve, roll with it, and stop stressing about things that we cannot control.  Second, my favorite families to photograph are the ones who allow their kids to just be kids.  Mud is temporary, but these memories will last forever.  I can still hear the laughter from this session, and I can still feel the joy in my heart.

If rain on a wedding day is lucky, rain on a 10-year anniversary recreation of your wedding day has to be even luckier! Congratulations, Alicia and Jeremy!  I hope you had a nice dinner after you dried off and warmed up from our photoshoot, and I'm guessing the boys slept very well that evening. ;)

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I had so much fun chasing your boys around and capturing these moments for you.

(Big thanks to my daughter Mika for assisting me with my lighting, for keeping my gear dry in the rain, and for scouting out the perfect water and mud puddles for us!)