Jill + Steve | Reading Museum Couple's Session | Wyomissing Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

The majority of my time is spent photographing engaged couples and their wedding celebrations.  It's not often that I get couples in front of my camera that have been happily married for years.  My time spent hanging out with Jill and Steve at the Reading Museum a few weeks ago showed me that I need more of these sessions in my life.

Jill is a fellow photographer, so my anxiety was a little higher than usual at the beginning of our session.  (I always get nervous before a session - it's just how I am wired.)  I brought my husband along to assist that evening, because he's known Jill and Steve for a while and I knew we would make a great team.  As soon as our session started, my nerves dissipated.  The four of us had amazing chemistry together - sparked by our mutual love of snowboarding, and solidified by our light-hearted silliness.

The entire session, Jill and Steve looked at each other as if they were newlyweds.  Their love is palpable and inspiring.  Everyone needs a couple like Jill and Steve in their lives to remind them that true love is real and possible.  This may sound cheesy, but I really am a better person after spending time interacting with them at our photoshoot.  If you know Jill and Steve, I'm sure you understand.

Jill and Steve, thank you for asking me to capture these moments for you.  I had such a great time, and I'm looking forward to making more memories together (both off and on the snow)!