The Carr Family | Gifford Pinchot State Park Summer Session | York County Family Photographer

I have had the honor of photographing the Carr Family on a number of occasions. (Like this session at Blue Marsh Lake, and this one at Copper Mountain in Colorado. ) We have had more sessions together, but I’m not sure if I ever blogged them. (Oops!) I always love the time we spend together - and it’s not just because Jeff and Ashley treat me to incredible dinners afterwards! (But I will not deny that I love that part, too!)

Last week, we met up at Gifford Pinchot Park, and walked along some of their favorite trails. Then we stopped at Simpson Park in Mechanicsburg to dip our feet in the water, and finally at a sunflower field near their home. We arrived at the sunflowers just as the sun was setting. It’s rare to find a sunflower field at golden hour that isn’t overrun with photographers (like me) and instagrammers these days - but we hit the jackpot!

Here is a selection of my favorite photos during our evening together. I can’t wait to do it again!!

The Youngquist Family | Mindowaskin Park, Westfield New Jersey Family Session | Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

This past winter, I had the privilege of photographing the Youngquist Family at a (very popular) park near their Westfield, New Jersey home. We made some wonderful portraits together, in spite of the mud and the crowds that decided to join us there at Mindowaskin Park that afternoon. Thanks again, Youngquists! I hope I have the honor of photographing your family again soon.

Nora | Harrisburg Lifestyle Newborn Session | Pennsylvania Family Photographer

Over the past few months, I have cut back on photographing everything except weddings and engagements, in order to dedicate enough time to finishing my elusive doctoral degree. This summer, I will be finished with my PhD (Woohoo!!), and will be regularly booking non-wedding clients again.

I thought it would be a nice time to share some of the non-wedding sessions I have photographed recently.

First up is this sweet in-home lifestyle newborn session that I photographed in downtown Harrisburg. Congrats again, Kelly and Al! Thank you for welcoming me and my cameras into your home.

Kirstie + Troy | Snowy Blue Marsh Lake Maternity Session | Berks County Family Photographer

Kirstie reached out to me a few months ago, wanting to book a snowy maternity session to celebrate her and Troy's growing family. This session was originally supposed to take place on a day when there was no snow to be found, and the only signs of winter were the high winds and below freezing temperatures. It would have been a brutal day to hold an outdoor photoshoot. So, we decided to take our chances and reschedule for two weeks later. Luckily, Mother Nature delivered snow a few days before our session, and the temperatures were cold enough all week that the snow actually stuck around for a while. We met up at Blue Marsh Lake, and the weather was perfect on that particular afternoon - we were gifted with reasonable temperatures, zero winds, and amazing golden hour light. Kirstie was absolutely stunning, rocking her maternity glow! (Troy was a great sport throughout it all as well!) I’m still in awe of Kirstie’s ability to change her outfit mid-session in a pickup truck and hike through the snow in her fashionable shoes! (I think she’s a ninja in disguise.) They are going to be the most amazing parents to this lucky little girl!! I’m so honored that they asked me to capture this wonderful time in their lives. I had so much fun creating these images with them, and am thankful that my husband agreed to come along and assist us that afternoon.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into their photoshoot.

The Mauro Family | Historic Shady Lane | Central Pennsylvania Children and Family Photographer

If you live on the east coast, you may have noticed that the temperatures have been a bit on the colder side lately.  I thought I would add some warmth to your hearts by sharing this fun session from November!  Now that holiday cards have all been sent out, it's safe for me to start sharing some of my end-of-year photoshoots that I've been keeping under wraps.

Thank you, Mauro Family, for driving out to Historic Shady Lane for your family photoshoot this fall!  I love the images we made together, and I hope you walked away with some amazing memories as well.  Whenever I photograph this family, I find that my mouth is sore at the end of the session from smiling and laughing so much during our time together.

This was such an incredible venue, and I definitely plan to go back for future sessions!  If you're ever in York, you have to check out this gorgeous gem!



An Extra Special Engagement Session | Wyomissing Park | Berks County Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing Rachel and Mark's engagement session.  I was one of Rachel's high school math teachers more years ago than I care to share, and I was thrilled when she reached out and asked me to be her and Mark's wedding photographer.  I love how my education and photography passions continue to bring and keep amazing people in my life.

We had some extra special guests at this engagement session - Rachel and Mark's son Gavin and pup Venus decided to come along and hop into a few photos!  I'm so glad they decided to get their entire family involved, and I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding in just over one week!!  

Thanks again for this opportunity, and thank you for putting up with the extra-aggressive bugs that afternoon at the Wyomissing Park!  I love how your photos turned out, and I hope you do as well.

See you in a week!

The Hobbs Family | Maui Hawaii Family Photoshoot | Pennsylvania and Destination Photographer

17 years ago, I decided to leave the snowboard industry (where I worked as a product engineer/snowboard boot designer) to become a math teacher.   Around that same time, I met Caroline (and her mom and brother), when I started tutoring her in math.  They are such a fun, loving family, and I'm so fortunate that our paths crossed all those years ago.  Caroline's mom helped us purchase our first home in Orange County, California, as well as our current home when we decided to pack up and move back to Pennsylvania!

Less than two weeks ago, I traveled to Hawaii to photograph a destination wedding.  While I was there, I met up with Caroline who happened to be vacationing in Maui less than a mile from where I was staying!  It was such a treat to see her again after all these years, and to meet the rest of the Hobbs Family!  Their family is growing by one in a few months, and I'm so honored that I was able to capture some memories for them during this exciting time in their lives.

Just as we made our way to the beach outside the Hyatt Regency, the sky decided to open up and pour on us for a few minutes.  They were such good sports about it all, and we got some great moments before, during, and after the rain - including a stunning Maui rainbow!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our brief time together.  Thank you again, Hobbs Family, for fitting me into your schedule!  It was such a pleasure seeing everyone and creating these photographs for you.  I hope we are able to meet up again in the near future!

Emilia | Studio Newborn Photoshoot | Berks County Newborn Photographer

Last week, I had the honor of hanging out with the Wisotsky Family in my GoggleWorks studio!  We were there to document the arrival of their newest family member, 9 day old Emilia!  I had photographed Charli's newborn photos when she was born, and I was thrilled when they reached out and asked me to capture Emilia's, too.

This is such a fun family, and they were absolute troopers in my hot studio!  (I always crank up the heat for my newborn clients so that they stay comfortably warm during our time together.)  Thanks for sweating it out with me, and thank you for all the smiles and laughs!  Here is a small collection of some of my favorite photos from our morning together.  I'm throwing in some outtakes as well - they may not be the portraits that end up hanging on the wall, but they are the photos that capture the realness of the moment... and usually end up being my personal favorites!

Welcome to the world, Emilia!  Congratulations again, Wisotsky Family!  I have a feeling that Charli and Emilia are going to be best friends as they grow up.

(Big thanks to my mom for assisting me, spotting for the froggy pose so I could create the composite image, and sweating it out along with us in the studio!)

If you ever happen to be in Reading with some extra time on your hands, stop by my studio at the GoggleWorks and say hi!

The Sperber Family | In-Home Newborn Photoshoot | Baltimore Maryland Family Photographer

Back in April, Jenna and Jeremy reached out to me to ask if I would photograph their son when he made his appearance.  I am always honored when I am asked to create portraits for people, but there's something extra special about photographing newborns.  It's such a joy and privilege to create photographs that you know will be cherished for a lifetime - if not longer!

After much anticipation, Aiden made his appearance on September 1st!  Last week, I drove to Jenna and Jeremy's home in Maryland to meet baby Aiden and to take his newborn portraits.  This was a hybrid lifestyle/posed session - I started off by capturing some photographs with Jenna, Jeremy, and Aiden together in their beautiful home, then finished with a few poses that Jenna had requested.

I met Jenna a few years ago, when my brother-in-law played football in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens.  Jenna babysat my niece and nephew, and was always so patient, kind, positive, and fun!  I knew that she would make a wonderful mother one day.  As soon as I arrived at their home for this photoshoot, I witnessed her and Jeremy's strong connection with Aiden.  Baby Aiden was blessed with an incredible set of parents and role models.

Here are a few sneak previews from our time together.

Congratulations again, Jenna and Jeremy!  Welcome to the world, Aiden!  Big thanks to my mom for keeping me company on the ride, and for helping out during the photoshoot!

Camden | A Gold Hope Project Fighter Session | Berks County Pennsylvania Photographer

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by The Gold Hope Project, asking if I could photograph a "fighter session" for a local family.  When I saw the email come through, I was simultaneously excited and saddened.  I knew this email meant that I had the chance to use my photography to help someone in need, but at the same time I knew that it meant that a local family had a child who was fighting cancer.  I'm always looking for ways to use my passion to bring joy to others, so I instantly agreed to take on the session.  The Gold Hope Project quickly responded with the family's contact information and a brief synopsis of their fighter's story.

Camden is a 22-month old boy who is fighting Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.  Camden has been a fighter his entire life.  He was born in November 2015 with a condition known as Gastroschisis, which is when there is a hole in the abdomen that gives space for the intestines to be outside of the body.  After being treated for that condition immediately after his birth, he was finally able to go home to be with his family.  However, he started getting very sick, requiring additional hospital stays.  In November 2016, he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  Since then, this amazing little boy has undergone chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation. He has been living in the hospital on and off for the past 10 months, and his mom has not been able to work since he was diagnosed, so that she is able to care for him and drive him back and forth from CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) on a regular basis.

After reading about Camden's story in The Gold Hope Project email and on Camden's Facebook page, I wasn't sure what to expect at our photoshoot.  I wasn't sure how long his energy would hold out during our photoshoot, or what type of mood he would be in.  I decided to show up without a plan, and to let Camden run the show.

When I arrived, all of my worries were instantly put to ease.  Camden is one of the happiest almost-2-year-olds I have ever met in my life.  His smile and curiosity are contagious, and I could barely keep up with him!  He loved exploring the Reading Museum grounds during our photoshoot, and I loved following him around with my camera.  Camden's mom, dad, brother, and sister joined the photoshoot as well, and we were able to get a bunch of great family photos during our time together.  My favorite part was just hanging back and capturing Camden interacting with his family members, playing with the signs his mom made for the photoshoot, and waving sticks around.  He acts like any other toddler, and just by looking at him and playing with him you would never know the battle that he and his family are currently fighting.  This little boy is so full of life, and his light was shining very brightly during our brief time together.

I would like to thank The Gold Hope Project for giving me this opportunity to help a local family in need.  Most of all, I would like to thank Camden and his family for allowing me into their lives, and for reminding me of what is truly important - family and love and hope.

For more information on Camden's journey, click here.

There is a GoFundMe campaign set up for Camden here.

For The Gold Hope Project's website, click here.

For The Gold Hope Project's Facebook page, click here.

The Nelson Family | 10-Year Anniversary Session (With MUD!!) | West Chester Pennsylvania Wedding and Family Photographer

Last week, I met up with the Nelson Family to help them celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, their wedding photographer never delivered their finished wedding gallery.  So, they decided to celebrate this milestone anniversary by dressing up and recreating some of their wedding day portraits.  This time around, however, their wedding party included their two amazing little boys!

We started off with some formal portraits in the church where they exchanged their wedding vows, and finished at the beautiful Oakbourne Mansion.  Mother Nature threw a wrench in our plans, however, and it poured during their entire photoshoot.  We exchanged a few texts and phone calls earlier in the day about whether or not we should cancel, but the Nelsons assured me they were up for anything and didn't mind the rain one bit.  As you will soon see in the photos, they weren't kidding!!  This is hands down one of my favorite photo sessions ever.

This photoshoot with the Nelson Family reminded me of a few important things.  First, a little rain (or a lot of rain) is only a problem if you allow it to be a problem.  The best thing to do when a hurdle suddenly appears in your path is to problem solve, roll with it, and stop stressing about things that we cannot control.  Second, my favorite families to photograph are the ones who allow their kids to just be kids.  Mud is temporary, but these memories will last forever.  I can still hear the laughter from this session, and I can still feel the joy in my heart.

If rain on a wedding day is lucky, rain on a 10-year anniversary recreation of your wedding day has to be even luckier! Congratulations, Alicia and Jeremy!  I hope you had a nice dinner after you dried off and warmed up from our photoshoot, and I'm guessing the boys slept very well that evening. ;)

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I had so much fun chasing your boys around and capturing these moments for you.

(Big thanks to my daughter Mika for assisting me with my lighting, for keeping my gear dry in the rain, and for scouting out the perfect water and mud puddles for us!)

The Maulick Family | Blue Marsh Family Session | Berks County Photographer

This is the second installment of my scheduled make-up blogs!  Today I present to you the Maulick Family!  We met up at Blue Marsh Lake in early April to create a few photographs in honor of Kinley's 2nd birthday!  I had the honor of capturing her newborn, 1-year cake smash, and some other photos, and I knew this session was going to be a blast!  She has such a fantastic personality, and with such an awesome mom and dad, it's easy to see why!

Here are a few of my favorites from our session.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Deely Family | Berks County Family Photographer

I've been so busy lately, I completely forgot to blog a few of my early spring sessions!  I decided to catch up on them, and first up is the Deely Family!

Rory was my very first newborn client, and I have had the honor of photographing her and her family multiple times since then!  It has been so incredible watching her grow up.  Her mom and dad are some of the nicest, most genuine, most fun people I have ever met.  I feel so lucky that this family came into my life, and that my photography has brought us closer together.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from a session we had at Blue Marsh Lake this past March.  Rory and her unicorn friend wanted to get as close to the water as possible, and it made for some great shots!  Rory's grandpa even made his way into a few photos! 

Big thanks to the Deely Family for driving out this way all the way from the Lehigh Valley for our photoshoot, and for waiting out the rain so we could create these photographs!

Naples, Florida Family Session | The Vishio Family | Destination Photographer

A few weeks ago, I returned from a trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Utah and less than 24 hours later hopped onto a flight to sunny (and HOT) Florida!  The Vishio Family flew me to Naples to photograph their family in time for the holidays.  It was my first trip to Naples, and after an amazing weekend, I hope that it won't be my last!  Even though I'm a snow lover, I admit that I fell in love with the sunshine, scenery, amazing food, and generous people I met while I was there.

I snapped photos for them at the beach, at their home in front of their Christmas tree, and at the Naples Ritz Carlton.  On my last day there, I went on a short adventure in search of wildlife and snapped a few personal photos for my own collection. 

Here are a few of my photos from my quick trip.  Thanks again, Vishio Family!

Daniel Boone Homestead Family Session | Berks County Photographer

I recently had the honor of photographing this incredible family.  They drove all the way from Philadelphia to spend some time in front of my camera at the Daniel Boone Homestead!  They are some of the most thoughtful, kind, and positive people that I know, and I'm so honored that they chose me as their family photographer.  Here are a few favorites from our time together.

Wyomissing Stone House Family Session I | Berks County Photographer

I met up with the Angstadt Family on a rainy Saturday in October.  We had been looking forward to this photoshoot for a few weeks and were not about to let a few raindrops ruin our plans.  I threw an umbrella in the car and set off for the Stone House in Wyomissing. When we arrived, we found that we had the entire place to ourselves!  I'm so glad that we decided to go ahead with our photoshoot, because I love love love how these turned out!  Miranda and Bailey were fantastic models.  (And I really love that mom agreed to get into a shot, because I believe parents should be in more photos with their kids... and pets!)

Wyomissing Family Photographer | The Rai Family

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Rai Family.  This was arranged at the last minute when they decided they wanted a few family photos before their son went off to Pittsburgh for college.  By a wonderful twist of fate, we all had the same evening free, and the weather turned out to be amazing!  (It seems I rarely have that type of good luck lately when it comes to my schedule and the weather!)

We started off by taking a few photos at their gorgeous home and yard.  Then, we headed to the nearby Wyomissing Park for the rest of our photoshoot.

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this incredible family!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our session.

Leesport, Pennsylvania Fall Child Session | Xavier (Class of 2029)

Xavier and his mommy were some of my very first clients when I just started chasing after this photography dream of mine.  It has been such a joy watching Xavier grow up, and seeing his personality develop over the years.  He is such a character (I mean that in the best way), and always keeps me on my toes!  I always take way too many photos during our time together, mostly because he is so expressive, so full of joy, and he's always on the move!  Our session a week ago was no different!

I was looking forward to our fall session for weeks!  But, the forecast that day was looking ominous.  Xavier's mom found a perfect location for us that would allow Xavier's personality to shine through, and where we could take cover if Mother Nature had different plans for our session that day.  When we arrived, the skies were cloudy and gray, and there was intermittent rain... that turned into a full downpour right at the end of the our session.  The location ended up being perfect, though.  It was landscaped beautifully, provided us cover when we needed it, and even offered up some interesting props that Xavier was crazy about!  You'll have to check out the photos to see for yourself!

Thank you, Audrey, for trusting me to capture these moments for your incredible family.  And thank you, Xavier, for providing me with countless smiles when I photograph you and again when I edit all of the photos from your sessions!  I love reliving these moments over and over again when I look through your photos.

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our time together.

Blue Marsh Lake Family Session | The Carr Family

I met Jeff and Ashley a few years ago when my daughters joined the Ski Roundtop Race Club snowboard race team.  Jeff has been an amazing coach and mentor to my girls over the years, and whenever we see him and Ashley together on the mountain, you can just see him light up.  Seriously, they are perfect together!

Fast forward to last March when their incredible family grew by one.  I had the honor of capturing Luna's newborn photos, and during our entire session I saw that glow on Jeff's face again - but it was even brighter this time.

We got together again last weekend for Luna's six month photos, and you could see it again.

Ashley and Luna are his world, as he is theirs.  It has been such an honor photographing their family the past year, and I am looking forward to many more sessions with them.  Thanks, Carr Family, for driving to Blue Marsh Lake all the way from Harrisburg!!  I can't wait to see everyone again on the snow!  Until then, here are a few of my favorite photos from our morning together.

Douglassville, PA Family Session | The Gumbas - Part 2

Back in July, I met up with Sarah and her three amazing sons for a family session at St. Peter's Village.  Her husband wasn't able to join us for that session, so I offered to stop by and capture a few photos of the entire family at a later date.  That second photoshoot came to fruition last week!  Their property is the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, so I met up with them (and the spunky Australian Shepherd that they recently rescued) at their home in Douglassville.

Sarah and Frank showed me a photograph of a family who had previously lived in their home, dated 1900. They thought it would be fun to recreate that image with their own family, and I agreed!  After we captured that photo, we walked around their property for a few more family shots.  As always, my time with the Gumba Family was filled with smiles, laughter, and chasing the kiddos around on their four wheelers.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  This is my third session with their family, and their love, energy, and incredible sense of humor and "realness" has easily made them one of my favorite families to capture!