Jes + Chris + Ronan, Part 2 | St. Peter's Village Session | Chester County Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Jes, Chris, and Ronan are lucky enough to have two blog posts dedicated to their love story!  Since it poured all day long on their wedding day (see that blog post here), I offered to meet up with them for more portraits on a later (and much sunnier) date.  They happily agreed, and a few weeks later they dressed up in their wedding outfits all over again (plus a floral crown!) and met me at St. Peter's Village.

Luckily, I brought my husband along to assist me.  Without the extra set of hands and eyes, I know I would have ended up falling on boulders and into the water - with thousands of dollars of camera gear attached to me.  I can be extra clumsy at times, especially at awesome locations like St. Pete's.  I'm extra impressed by Jes' and Chris' bouldering skills while donning formal wear!  We all escaped bruise free, and with great photos to memorialize our evening together.

Here are a few images from our adventures at St. Pete's.  Enjoy!

Saint Peter's Village Family Session | The Gumbas - Part 1

Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing the Gumba family for the first time, at their amazing property.  That session is still one of my favorite sessions to date, because we ended up abandoning all plans for posed shots and took more of a candid, lifestyle approach.  I love letting kids just be themselves - I find that's when they (and their parents) truly shine!

This year, our session took place the same day as a fishing trip that Dad was really looking forward to, so we decided to focus on Sarah and her three boys.  We opted to go with a different location this time, to mix up the backgrounds from last year.  Due to the nature of the location, and the tendency of 3- and 6-year olds to want to explore, we had to be a little less "lifestyle" and a little more hands-on, but we still captured some amazing photos of the boys being themselves!  Even though they are exploring their independence at this age, it is so obvious how much they love their momma.  It was also obvious when they decided they were finished having their photos taken!  See if you can figure it out in the images below. ;)

This family has forever earned a big space in my heart!  I love them for their energy, their sense of humor, and the fact that they are just so real!  They are unapologetically authentic, and I think we need more people like that in the world.

Thank you, Sarah!  Thank you for allowing me to take your family photos, and thank you for being you.  You are such a breath of fresh air.  Your kiddos rock, too.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session.