The Mentrikoski Family | Wyomissing Park Family Session | Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

Next up on my series of catch-up blogs is the Mentrikoski Family! I had such a great time chasing the sunlight with them and their adorable pup. He is one of the largest - and gentlest - dogs I have ever met!! I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from our time together at the Wyomissing Park last fall.

Kelly + Aron | Lehigh Valley Engagement Session | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Kelly and Aron’s engagement session blog was another victim of my crazy fall season… and I’m making up for it now! We met up at a family property in the Lehigh Valley this past fall and spent the evening laughing together (and picking a few of the neighbor’s flowers) under some incredible Golden Hour light. I know their November wedding is going to be so much fun to photograph, and I can’t wait! Congratulations again, Kelly and Aron, and I promise not to slack so badly on your wedding day blog when that time rolls around.

Alyssa + Tony | Kennett Square Engagement Session | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Alyssa and Tony are starring on this episode of ”sessions that I slacked on blogging”! Their engagement photoshoot took place at two incredible privately owned properties in Kennett Square - and it happened way back when there was still snow on the ground. I knew I was going to love this session, even before the huskies and Camaro joined us. Their pups had me smiling and laughing, and I love the outtakes that we got out of them! I am really looking forward to their wedding this August at the Barn at Silverstone - and I promise not to take so long to blog that one…

Meghan + Sean | Philadelphia Zoo Engagement Session | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

I messed up. Big time. This fall was so busy with weddings, portraits, and PhD work that I completely missed blogging a few incredible sessions!! (I could have sworn that I blogged this one - but it turns out that I didn’t.) I have a few weeks of down time while I wait for feedback on my dissertation draft, so I’m going to make it right - starting now.

When Meghan and Sean reached out to me about photographing their New Year’s Eve wedding in Delaware this coming winter, I was thrilled! We clicked right away and I knew we would make a great team. But then they asked me if we could photograph their engagement session at the Philadelphia Zoo, and I got even more excited!

This is a couple that loves animals, colors, and most of all - having fun! Their engagement session was part photoshoot, part just hanging out at the zoo reminiscing about my childhood. I had such a blast that day, and I love being able to look through their images all over again. There happened to be about 2,356,418 kids visiting the zoo on field trips that day, but we still managed to get a bunch of great shots. We even had some school kids controlling pedestrian traffic for us!

Congratulations again, Meghan and Sean. I am so, so, so excited for your wedding this New Year’s Eve!!

Colleen + Chad (+ Lola) | Reading Museum Engagement Session | Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

This past weekend, I met up with Colleen and Chad at the Reading Public Museum for their engagement session.  This was our third attempt, due to Mother Nature gifting us with torrential downpours and extreme heat and humidity on our other previous dates.  They brought along their newly adopted puppy, Lola, and I couldn't have been more thrilled!  I love animals, especially dogs, and Lola has just the right amount of sweetness and sass to make anyone's heart melt!

I love how their photos turned out, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding next summer.  I have the most amazing, laid back, fun couples, and I am so thankful for that!  Colleen and Chad patiently navigated through some record-breaking crowds at the museum grounds that evening... including a zombie film-making crew!  In spite of the crowds, zombies, and uninvited gnats, we made so many great photos together.  Scroll down for a few of my favorites!

(Big thanks to my mom for assisting me on this one!  It's an added treat when my own loved ones can be a part of my sessions!)

Megan + Nate | Trexler Nature Preserve Engagement | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

I recently met up with Megan and Nate to create their engagement portraits.  They chose the Trexler Nature Preserve as their backdrop.  Not only do they enjoy spending time there as a couple, but it is also the spot where Nate proposed!

Mother Nature has been playing tricks on me all year, and this session was no exception.  It was a hot afternoon, and the winds were a bit challenging; however, Megan and Nate were troopers.   We drove around to some of their favorite spots in the park, including the bench where Nate popped the question (and Megan obviously accepted).  We even spied a few bison during our time there, but they were acting a bit camera shy that evening and wouldn't join Megan and Nate in any of their photos.

Here are a few of my favorites from our sunny evening together!  I can't wait to photograph their wedding next spring!

...And if you ever venture to the Trexler Nature Preserve to check it out yourself, note that the gates close at sunset (and not a minute after).  We found out the hard way.

Tara + Joe (+ Delaney + Darla) | Blue Marsh Engagement Session | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is in full swing and I've been so busy that I've slacked on blogging lately.  I am determined to get caught up, so be prepared to have your newsfeeds filled!  Now starring on my blog are Tara and Joe and their fun-loving (and incredibly well-trained) pups Darla and Delaney!  We met up at the Stilling Basin at Blue Marsh Lake, one of their favorite places to hang out together.  What was supposed to be a warm (or at least mild) spring session ended up being unseasonably cold and windy!  They were such troopers, though, and I love how their photos turned out.  I can't wait for their wedding this fall!

Here are a few samples from our session.  Enjoy!

A Studio Session with Momo the Shiba | Berks County Pet Photographer

I brought Momo into my GoggleWorks studio the other day to get ready for a really fun freelance job that I have coming up.  I needed a small, furry model, and Momo fit the bill perfectly!  Momo is a 2-year old Shiba Inu with lots of personality!  Plus, she doesn't break the bank - she works for treats, such as dog biscuits and Starbucks whipped cream.

Here are a few shots from our test session in the studio.  Thanks for your help, Momo!  (Big thanks to my daughter Akina for being the treat handler!)

Snow Day Fun With Momo The Shiba Inu - On The Second Day Of Spring! | Berks County Pet Photographer

I've been so busy lately that I haven't made much time to take pictures just for me, just for fun.  When winter storm Toby arrived today and gifted us with over 12 inches of snow, my work plans had to be rearranged.  (I'm not complaining at all - I'm actually very thankful for the unexpected day off!)  My Shiba Inu, Momo, absolutely loves the snow - so when she refused to come inside and warm up, I decided to join her outside and take a few photos of her snow day shenanigans.  Winter is my favorite season, and I'm really sad to have to say goodbye to it.  So, I'm extra thankful for this early spring gift from Mother Nature!  Finally, a storm that didn't miss us...

Procrastinating with Momo | Berks County Pet Photographer

I have a Shiba Inu named Momo.  (Actually Momoko, but that sounds too formal, so we call her Momo).  She rocks.  If you've met her, you understand.  If you haven't met her, you really should.  She has the best personality and is so freaking photogenic!  She's stubborn and doesn't listen most of the time, but I'm the same way so I find those qualities endearing.

We procrastinated together for a few minutes today, and here is the outcome.  I hope you love these half as much as I do. <3  If you want to see more of Momo, she has her own Instagram account now!  Check her out at:

P.S.  After the photoshoot, I'm really thinking about offering pet photography sessions...

Jackson, Wyoming - Part 1 | Elk, Coyote, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Waterfowl | Wildlife Photographer

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter was supposed to have a snowboard race in Jackson, Wyoming.  The race was cancelled due to lack of snow, but our plane tickets and hotel were nonrefundable, so we decided to go on our trip anyway.  Neither of us had ever been to Wyoming, so I thought it would be a great experience for both of us.  We packed up our laptops, camera gear, and sense of adventure, and headed west.

On our first day in Wyoming, we went out in search of a grocery store and Starbucks... and found much, much more! My daughter noticed something moving in the tall brush on the side of the road, so I pulled over to check it out.  What we stumbled upon was a migrating herd of elk.  I grabbed my camera, hopped out of the car, and ran alongside the herd snapping as many photos as I could.  It was absolutely incredible and breathtaking to witness.  On a separate trip, we encountered bighorn sheep, moose, a coyote, and various waterfowl!  (We eventually did find the grocery store and the Starbucks.)

Here are some of my wildlife photos from our trip.  I definitely plan to go back again when I have more time to explore... and next time I'm planning on bringing some bigger lenses!

Naples, Florida Family Session | The Vishio Family | Destination Photographer

A few weeks ago, I returned from a trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Utah and less than 24 hours later hopped onto a flight to sunny (and HOT) Florida!  The Vishio Family flew me to Naples to photograph their family in time for the holidays.  It was my first trip to Naples, and after an amazing weekend, I hope that it won't be my last!  Even though I'm a snow lover, I admit that I fell in love with the sunshine, scenery, amazing food, and generous people I met while I was there.

I snapped photos for them at the beach, at their home in front of their Christmas tree, and at the Naples Ritz Carlton.  On my last day there, I went on a short adventure in search of wildlife and snapped a few personal photos for my own collection. 

Here are a few of my photos from my quick trip.  Thanks again, Vishio Family!

Berks County High School Senior Photographer | Mackana, Wilson HS Class of 2017

I recently met up with Mackana to photograph her high school senior portraits.  She is a member of Wilson High School's Class of 2017!  We chose the Albright College campus as our backdrop because of all of the different background options there.  The weather was perfect, and the light was incredible.  We were even photobombed by an adorable and very friendly little dog while we were there!  I had such a fantastic time creating these images for Mackana and her mom!  I hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favorites.

Wyomissing Stone House Family Session II | Berks County Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to get the Hart Family in front of my camera again!  I have photographed them multiple times now, and every single time it has been unseasonably cold and windy!!  But, every time, they have been fantastic sports about it and we captured fantastic moments together!  This last time was no different!

Thank you, Hart Family, for returning to me to document this time in your lives.  It has been such a pleasure watching Nora grow over the past few years!  She has a magnetic personality - even Mr. Duck thought so during our session!  He just couldn't stay away!

Here are a few of my favorites from our recent photoshoot at the Wyomissing Stone House.  

Wyomissing Stone House Family Session I | Berks County Photographer

I met up with the Angstadt Family on a rainy Saturday in October.  We had been looking forward to this photoshoot for a few weeks and were not about to let a few raindrops ruin our plans.  I threw an umbrella in the car and set off for the Stone House in Wyomissing. When we arrived, we found that we had the entire place to ourselves!  I'm so glad that we decided to go ahead with our photoshoot, because I love love love how these turned out!  Miranda and Bailey were fantastic models.  (And I really love that mom agreed to get into a shot, because I believe parents should be in more photos with their kids... and pets!)

Wyomissing Family Photographer | The Rai Family

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Rai Family.  This was arranged at the last minute when they decided they wanted a few family photos before their son went off to Pittsburgh for college.  By a wonderful twist of fate, we all had the same evening free, and the weather turned out to be amazing!  (It seems I rarely have that type of good luck lately when it comes to my schedule and the weather!)

We started off by taking a few photos at their gorgeous home and yard.  Then, we headed to the nearby Wyomissing Park for the rest of our photoshoot.

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this incredible family!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our session.

Douglassville, PA Family Session | The Gumbas - Part 2

Back in July, I met up with Sarah and her three amazing sons for a family session at St. Peter's Village.  Her husband wasn't able to join us for that session, so I offered to stop by and capture a few photos of the entire family at a later date.  That second photoshoot came to fruition last week!  Their property is the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, so I met up with them (and the spunky Australian Shepherd that they recently rescued) at their home in Douglassville.

Sarah and Frank showed me a photograph of a family who had previously lived in their home, dated 1900. They thought it would be fun to recreate that image with their own family, and I agreed!  After we captured that photo, we walked around their property for a few more family shots.  As always, my time with the Gumba Family was filled with smiles, laughter, and chasing the kiddos around on their four wheelers.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  This is my third session with their family, and their love, energy, and incredible sense of humor and "realness" has easily made them one of my favorite families to capture!

A "Me" Day at Longwood Gardens | Water, Flowers, and a Whole Bunch of Frogs

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook from a photographer who had registered for a photography class at Longwood Gardens but then couldn't attend.  She was looking for someone to take her spot.  I read about the class and loved everything in the description!  (I later found out it is one of the most popular photography classes at Longwood - and has been sold out for months!)  I looked at my calendar, and besides my seemingly-never-ending PhD work that I was supposed to get around to working on that day, I only had a photoshoot scheduled for the late afternoon.  The calendar Gods were smiling upon me that day, and I decided it was a sign!  The PhD work could wait!  (And, my photoshoot clients decided to change their location to Longwood Gardens once they found out I was going to be there anyway!  It worked out perfectly!!)

I bought the ticket from the other photographer and woke up at 5am to be at Longwood Gardens by 7am.  I am not a morning person (putting it very mildly), but I can do it when I absolutely have to.  It ended up being more than worth the early wake up and drive!  I was able to watch the sunrise while I drove to Longwood, and wished I was a little bit more of a morning person.  Once I arrived at Longwood, I realized we had the entire property to ourselves for a few hours before it opened to the general public.  It was awesome, to say the least.

Our class started with a little bit of instruction and shooting tips, then we were broken into three groups.  Each group was going to be allowed access in the world famous waterlily ponds for an hour at a time - and we got to go in twice!  And, I'm not talking just any access - we were given waders and actually allowed to get INTO the ponds and take photos from a "frog's eye view".  It was so amazing being able to get that close to the flowers I have stared at in wonder for years.  I also got up close and personal with a few critters - including frogs, damsel flies, dragonflies, tiny fish, bees, and lots of other insects that were flying and hopping around.  When we were not in the ponds taking pictures, we spent time wandering around the gardens taking photos (and making some new friends).  If you look at my photos closely, you'll even see that we were visited by a stunning Blue Heron!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day!  I took HUNDREDS of pictures, so this is just a small sampling of them.  (I wouldn't have time to get anything else done this weekend if I didn't force myself to stop going through them!!)  I hope you enjoy my photos - and if you haven't ever been to Longwood Gardens, or if it's been a while since your last visit, you really should go. :)

Thank you for the opportunity, Krista!  Thank you for lending me your filter for a few shots, Andrea!  Thanks to Jon (the light ninja) for a great class and a lot of laughs!

Wyomissing Park Engagement | Veronica + Bill + Lily

Veronica and Bill just moved back to the area from Pittsburgh, where they recently became engaged!  We met up at the Wyomissing Park so I could snap a few engagement photos.  I'm so thrilled that they brought their pup Lily along!  She's such a sweet girl, and was super cooperative for the camera!  A bag of snacks and Bill's sister's ninja dog handling skills could have been part of the reason for that. ;)

I LOVE how these turned out!  We practically had the park to ourselves (except for a deer that decided to hang out with us for a few minutes), and the light was absolutely perfect!

Thank you for reaching out to me, Veronica and Bill!  It was wonderful meeting you!  Congratulations on your engagement and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and incredible memories together!  (Big thanks to my husband for coming along and assisting!)

Red Rocks, Colorado | Kenyon + Stacie + Zoey

Back in April, I took a trip to Colorado to cheer on my girls (I mean rockstars!) as they raced in the USASA Snowboard Nationals.  While I was there, I met up with my long time friend Kenyon for a quick photoshoot.  Lucky for me, his lovely lady-friend Stacie and their adorable fur-kid Zoey joined him!  We met up at one of my favorite places in the universe - Red Rocks Ampitheatre!!