Jes + Chris + Ronan, Part 2 | St. Peter's Village Session | Chester County Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Jes, Chris, and Ronan are lucky enough to have two blog posts dedicated to their love story!  Since it poured all day long on their wedding day (see that blog post here), I offered to meet up with them for more portraits on a later (and much sunnier) date.  They happily agreed, and a few weeks later they dressed up in their wedding outfits all over again (plus a floral crown!) and met me at St. Peter's Village.

Luckily, I brought my husband along to assist me.  Without the extra set of hands and eyes, I know I would have ended up falling on boulders and into the water - with thousands of dollars of camera gear attached to me.  I can be extra clumsy at times, especially at awesome locations like St. Pete's.  I'm extra impressed by Jes' and Chris' bouldering skills while donning formal wear!  We all escaped bruise free, and with great photos to memorialize our evening together.

Here are a few images from our adventures at St. Pete's.  Enjoy!

Camp Nawakwa Wedding | 2nd Shooting

I'm so grateful that I met Julie Hagenbuch earlier this year.  She is such a talented photographer and is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I grow as a photographer and a person whenever I get to work with her.  I recently had the honor of second shooting my third wedding with her, and it was incredible.  (I had no doubt that it would be!  She has a personality and talent that attracts clients who just ooze their in-loveness and who choose the most amazing venues!)

Alyssa and Matt's wedding preparation, ceremony, portraits, and reception all took place at Camp Nawakwa, located in Biglerville, Pennsylvania.  The wedding took place on an unseasonably hot September day, and was completely outdoors - but I was so wrapped up in the celebration that I didn't even notice the heat.  (And as a snow lover myself, that is saying a lot.)

Here are a few of my favorite photos from their Day #1 together.  I am so thankful that Julie asked me to second shoot this wedding with her, and very grateful that she has given me the okay to share a few of my images with the world.  It's always nice to meet colleagues in this industry who support community over competition.

Congratulations to Alyssa and Matt!  Thank you again to the incredible photographer and overall amazing human being Julie Hagenbuch.

Bucks County Senior Photographer | Shayne, Palisades High School

A little while back, I had the honor of photographing Shayne a few days before she packed up and moved to Colorado to attend college.  Shayne graduated from Palisades High School back in June.

She and her mom drove all the way from Bucks County for their photoshoot, and we had a great time adventuring around a few of my favorite Berks locations.  Her senior session is still one of my favorites to date!  Shayne, I hope you are having an amazing time in Colorado!  Thank you again for the smiles and laughs we shared.