The Mentrikoski Family | Wyomissing Park Family Session | Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

Next up on my series of catch-up blogs is the Mentrikoski Family! I had such a great time chasing the sunlight with them and their adorable pup. He is one of the largest - and gentlest - dogs I have ever met!! I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from our time together at the Wyomissing Park last fall.

The Murillo Family | Wyomissing Park Fall Family Session | Berks County Family Photographer

I recently met up with the Murillo Family to document this fun time in their lives. They have an adorable little guy, and he’s mobile and so full of personality! We lucked out and were gifted some amazing weather that afternoon - it was a tad on the chilly side, but there was surprisingly no rain to be found! We did a quick lap around some of my favorite spots in the Wyomissing Park, letting Louie lead the way. I’m so glad that they asked me to be their photographer, and I hope this session was the first of many more to come. They are so full of joy and love, and I am sure that I had a big, silly smile on my face during the entire session. Scroll down to view a few of my favorite images from our time together and you’ll see why!

P.S. I am a sucker for baby feet - you’ll see what I mean when you view the images from their session! Seriously - how could anyone resist taking photos of those cute toes??

Jeni + Mark | Intimate Wyomissing Park Wedding | Berks County Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, Jeni and Mark exchanged wedding vows in an intimate ceremony at the Wyomissing Park.  This is one of Jeni's happy places, and I was thrilled with her idea of getting married here!  She asked me to accompany them on their stroll through the park that would culminate in them becoming husband and wife.  We started our walk at one end of the park, while their loved ones waited at the other end.  One of my favorite images (and memories) of this day is when Jeni and Mark crested the hill and saw their loved ones waiting for them at their ceremony location.  Their smiles were huge, and their excitement, joy, and LOVE were palpable.  It is obvious that family comes first in their lives - I'm guessing that is one of the things that they love most about each other.  Jeni and Mark compliment each other perfectly - Jeni is spontaneous and high-energy, and Mark is calm and pensive.  Those are my impressions at least - you can form your own opinions after you check out a small selection of my favorite images of their day.

Jeni and Mark, thank you for you inviting me to be a part of your celebration.  I'm so happy that your hearts found each other, and I know that you're enjoying your time together as husband and wife.

Amy + John | Wyomissing Park Engagement | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

I met Amy and John a few months ago when we got together over dinner for their wedding consultation.  We immediately hit it off, and I knew we were going to make a great team!  They are about as real as two people can be - my favorite kind of people.  I was thrilled when they officially asked me to be their wedding photographer, because they are incredibly kind and over-the-top fun, and I know their wedding is going to be unique and fabulous in every way! 

Fast forward to October, when we met up at the Wyomissing Park (The Highlands) for their engagement session.  It was everything I thought it would be, and more.  I love how they make each other smile and how they make each other laugh.  Really, I just love how they love each other.  I'm guessing if you have the pleasure of knowing them in person, you already know what I mean.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our afternoon together.  My face hurts from smiling so hard looking at them all over again!  Congratulations again, Amy and John.  I'm so looking forward to your wedding next fall.

An Extra Special Engagement Session | Wyomissing Park | Berks County Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing Rachel and Mark's engagement session.  I was one of Rachel's high school math teachers more years ago than I care to share, and I was thrilled when she reached out and asked me to be her and Mark's wedding photographer.  I love how my education and photography passions continue to bring and keep amazing people in my life.

We had some extra special guests at this engagement session - Rachel and Mark's son Gavin and pup Venus decided to come along and hop into a few photos!  I'm so glad they decided to get their entire family involved, and I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding in just over one week!!  

Thanks again for this opportunity, and thank you for putting up with the extra-aggressive bugs that afternoon at the Wyomissing Park!  I love how your photos turned out, and I hope you do as well.

See you in a week!

The Moczydlowski Family | Wyomissing Park Family Photoshoot | Berks County Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I met up with the Moczydlowski Family at the Wyomissing Park to capture their family portraits.  We were fortunate to have incredible golden hour light and perfect weather for their photoshoot!

This was my first time creating photographs for this family, and I'm so honored that they asked me to be their photographer.  They are such kind, loving, and patient parents - and their children are adorable and are so much fun to be around!!  I love photographing kids - their smiles and energy and curiosity are always contagious!  I leave my photoshoots completely exhausted, but completely refilled at the same time - and this session was no different!

Thank you, Moczydlowski Family, for giving me this opportunity.  I had a great time creating these photographs for you.  (Also, big thanks for the care package that you left on my doorstep afterwards!!)

It was difficult to choose just a few portraits to share with everyone here (because I love them all so much), but this is what I came up with.  Enjoy!

Ashley | Everett High School Class of 2018 | Berks County Senior Photographer

I've been slacking on blogging lately because I've been super busy creating portraits for my incredible clients, as well as working on some exciting behind-the-scenes business stuff!  I wanted to break my blogging silence, at least temporarily, and share a few images from this recent high school senior session.

Last week, Ashley and her mom drove all the way to me from Everett, Pennsylvania.  That's in Bedford County, about 150 miles away!!  Having clients willing to drive that distance for me to create art for them is absolutely humbling.  I don't think that anything in the world is more sacred and valuable than time, and when someone is willing to spend that time with me, it really fills my heart.

We started off by creating a few indoor portraits at my GoggleWorks studio, then headed to the Wyomissing Park for the outdoor portion of our session.  The weather was perfect, and the light was incredible!  I have really lucked out by having fantastic weather for my last few outdoor weddings and photoshoots - thank you, Mother Nature, for having my back lately!

Ashley will be graduating from Everett High School in June, and I know that she's going to have an incredible senior year.  Ashley, best of luck on the volleyball court, in the classroom, and beyond!  You were glowing during our entire photoshoot, and I know that your light will lead you to wonderful places and experiences this year and for the rest of your life.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of photos from our time together.

Congratulations to the upcoming Class of 2018!!!



Gabe | Wilson High School Class of 2017 | Berks County Senior Photographer

Meet Gabe, a member of Wilson High School's Class of 2017!  Last weekend, Gabe and I met up to create his senior portraits.  (We wanted to do them earlier, but Mother Nature had other plans for us!)  I met Gabe and his family back in 2004, the day we moved back to Pennsylvania from California (we shared backyards).  That also happened to be the summer before he entered kindergarten, along with our oldest daughter. It means so much to me to have been able to capture his senior portraits for him and his family! It feels like our families have come full circle. I'll be in the bleachers cheering for Gabe when he graduates from Wilson High School next weekend (not only because he's a great guy, but also because my oldest daughter will be graduating, too)! Gabe, Temple University is lucky to have you joining them in the fall!!

Our photoshoot started at the Reading Museum and ended at the Wyomissing Park. I think it is awesome that he chose to wear three different outfits, and brought his dog along... as well as a duck decoy.  You'll have to ask Gabe about the duck sometime...  I hope you enjoy this selection of my favorite photos from his session!

Fiona | Wyomissing Children Photographer

I had a great time hanging out with Fiona and her mom last weekend at the Wyomissing Park!  I have been looking forward to this photoshoot for months!  We originally planned for a fall session, but we ended up being forced to reschedule for the spring.  I'm so glad we did, because spring colors and sunshine match Fiona's personality perfectly!  Fiona kept me entertained and smiling with her fun stories and incredible dance moves.  Her personality shines through in the photos - check them out and I'm sure you will agree!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our photoshoot.  Enjoy!


Wyomissing Park Engagement Session | Kailey and Kyle | Berks County Wedding Photographer

Last weekend, I met up with Kailey and Kyle for their engagement session.  We were planning on doing it Sunday evening, right before sunset... but the weather forecast was looking pretty ominous.  At the last minute, we decided to move the photoshoot to bright and early Sunday morning instead.  And I am so glad we did!!  Clouds, wind, and strong thunderstorms moved in to the area right at our original start time!

There was almost another last minute glitch in our photoshoot plans, because when we arrived at the Wyomissing Park, we realized that a 5K was set up smack in the middle of our planned location.  We were determined to leave the park with some amazing pictures, though!  So we focused, hit a few great spots in the park, and made it out right before the race began and right as a police officer was blocking off the parking lot we were in!  (I was literally standing at the edge of the parking lot taking a photo of Kailey's engagement ring as the officer was closing the barricade...)

We most definitely accomplished our goal - the pictures turned out great!  Kailey and Kyle are so easygoing, so in love, and so freaking photogenic!  (Even with millions of gnats swarming their heads!)  Check out this collection of photos from our session and I think you will agree that they are incredible!  I'm really looking forward to their wedding next year!

(Big thanks to one of my other favorite couples, Courtney and Brandon, for the referral!!)

Wyomissing Park High School Senior Photographer | Rachel

A few weeks ago, I met up with Rachel and her mom to photograph Rachel's senior portraits.  Rachel will be graduating from Wilson High School in 2017, and I'm honored that I was asked to capture these moments for her family!  As a cross country runner, Rachel has spent countless hours running through Wyomissing Park, so she thought this would be the perfect location for her senior portraits.  I couldn't agree more, and I love how these turned out!  (You would never guess that there were 25+ mph wind gusts happening throughout our entire session!!)

Best of luck to Rachel and the rest of the Class of 2017!  I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from our afternoon together.  I know I loved creating them with Rachel and her mom!

Wyomissing Family Photographer | The Rai Family

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Rai Family.  This was arranged at the last minute when they decided they wanted a few family photos before their son went off to Pittsburgh for college.  By a wonderful twist of fate, we all had the same evening free, and the weather turned out to be amazing!  (It seems I rarely have that type of good luck lately when it comes to my schedule and the weather!)

We started off by taking a few photos at their gorgeous home and yard.  Then, we headed to the nearby Wyomissing Park for the rest of our photoshoot.

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this incredible family!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from our session.