Wyomissing Park Engagement Session | Kailey and Kyle | Berks County Wedding Photographer

Last weekend, I met up with Kailey and Kyle for their engagement session.  We were planning on doing it Sunday evening, right before sunset... but the weather forecast was looking pretty ominous.  At the last minute, we decided to move the photoshoot to bright and early Sunday morning instead.  And I am so glad we did!!  Clouds, wind, and strong thunderstorms moved in to the area right at our original start time!

There was almost another last minute glitch in our photoshoot plans, because when we arrived at the Wyomissing Park, we realized that a 5K was set up smack in the middle of our planned location.  We were determined to leave the park with some amazing pictures, though!  So we focused, hit a few great spots in the park, and made it out right before the race began and right as a police officer was blocking off the parking lot we were in!  (I was literally standing at the edge of the parking lot taking a photo of Kailey's engagement ring as the officer was closing the barricade...)

We most definitely accomplished our goal - the pictures turned out great!  Kailey and Kyle are so easygoing, so in love, and so freaking photogenic!  (Even with millions of gnats swarming their heads!)  Check out this collection of photos from our session and I think you will agree that they are incredible!  I'm really looking forward to their wedding next year!

(Big thanks to one of my other favorite couples, Courtney and Brandon, for the referral!!)